Aiming to introduce and promote the study of scientific psychology to Vietnamese readers, a group of Vietnamese then-undergraduate students established VIET Psychology blog in August, 2011. Currently, the writing team currently consists of 2 editors and 5 writing staffs. We also accept submission from readers or anyone interested in contributing to the blog. Please refer to this page for more information (available in Vietnamese). For inquiries, please send an email to Lan Tran, editor-in-chief, at


Lan Tran | Social Psychology, Neuroscience | Twitter

Ngoc Tran | Social & Industrial/Organizing Psychology


Gao Nguyen | Social Psychology

Phuong Pham | Developmental & Educational Psychology

Van Tran | Applied Psychology

Supporting writers 

Thinh Ha | Neuroscience & Cognitive Psychology

Linh Pham | Cognitive Psychology


Guest writers


One Response to Team

  1. Tinh Tran nói:

    The information is great. Thank you all.

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