VIET Psychology is a global network of 20+ Vietnamese students and graduates who have pursued academic work in Psychology and/or related fields.

Contact: Lan Tran, Editor-in-chief, at lant@vietpsy.com

Current Projects

  • VIET Psychology Research Database: An online database of scholarly papers written by Vietnamese authors and scholarly papers about psychology in Vietnam written by international authors
  • Video production: A series of short videos that provides fun facts and general information on various psychology-related topics
Upcoming Projects
  • Book Translation: A service to translate marketable science books from English to Vietnamese. Please contact us for a list of recommended books and excerpts
  • Independent research projects: An attempt to seek answer for numerous social phenomena in Vietnam

Past Projects 

  • Summer Research Talk 2012: An informal talk on research methods for the students majoring in Psychology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (HCM, Vietnam)

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